Download Free FL Studio Sound Packs is giving away this never before release of hard hitting vinyl sampled hip hop drums. This free sound pack was sampled from an extensive collection of records and processed using analog and digital gear such as the Ensoniq ASR 10, Electrix Filter Factory, Electrix EQ Killer, used Pro Tools for digital processing, and Sony Sound Forge for wave editing. Get your 100% free sound pack simply by signing up for the Newsletter.




















Equipments Used to Create this Free Sound Pack

Ensoniq ASR 10

The Ensoniq ASR 10 was a major contributor to the making of this free Sound Pack. Effects like Van Der Pol, Parametric EQ, Keyed Expander, Gated Reverb etc... would enrich the one shot drum samples. I would also raise the gain on the ASR to emulate a compression style effect and on occasion very slightly distort the snare to make it crunch.

Digidesign Pro Tools

With Pro Tools and the Digidesign 002 Rack, great recordings were achieved to make this free sound pack. From the sampling of vinyl to the digital processing, Pro Tools performed great. The sound reproduction produced by this pair was paramount. Very consistent, dependable, and ease of use. This collection would not be possible without Pro Tools.

Electrix Filter Factory

The Electrix Filter Factory played a vital role in creating this 100% free sound pack. This analog filter adds a warm sound to whatever is ran through it. It allows the means to target and manipulate different frequencies such as the highs, lows, and can even remove artifacts, and noise. What comes out is a smooth clean one shot sample. Listen to the hi hats and see the results.

Sony Sound Forge

Sony Sound Forge is probably the best wave editor out there right now when it comes to editing one shot samples. With Sound Forge I was able to streamline the editing process and do presicion editing to create single hit drum samples. My ability to manipulate, finesse, layer etc... was absolutely incredible.

Native Instruments Maschine

After the editing process would complete, testing the drum sound would determine whether I would trash the sample or keep it. Maschine helped me do that. Download the FreeFLStudioSoundPacks